Connor Son

Connor is Co-Founder of The Healing Lotus and a Registered Massage Therapist, graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, located in Toronto, Ontario. Prior to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, he was a personal trainer who was devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyle. Connor’s strong interest in health and wellness catalyzed him to further pursue his career in healthcare.

As someone who lives and breathes personal fitness, Connor brings his knowledge of body mechanics, strength training and a motivational outlook to his registered massage therapy practice. He uses a variety of techniques to formulate the most effective treatment, specializing in deep tissue, sports massage, myo-fascial release and joint play. Connor also puts a tremendous emphasis on utilizing hydrotherapy and self care, along with remedial exercises to promote clients’ wellness as it applies to their current physical condition.

Connor brings a unique intuitive perspective which enables him to provide clients with the best treatment approach to reach their personal health and fitness goals. He hopes his commitment, positivity and healthy way of life can serve to be a role model for his clients.