Fascial Release

What is Fascial?

Fascia is the saran wrap-like connective tissue that separates and connects all structures in the body. It varies in density dependent on the stress applied in certain areas of the body, which can lead to tension and unhealthy postural holding patterns. The fascia is a continuous web from the superficial skin down to each individual cell

Through fascial release, we rehydrate the tissues using various techniques, alleviating discomfort and allowing for further treatment of the underlying muscles protected by the fascia. This allows you to feel more open and freely moving within your body.

Trigger Point (TrP) Massage

Through focused manipulation of knots or groups of muscles that fail to relax, we are able to bring increased circulation to the area, flush out the metabolites, release the knot and help ease discomfort.

Stretch Therapy

This is often incorporated into your treatment and works to stretch shortened tissues thus repositioning muscles, modelling the fascia in a manner that is more agreeable to your body, and allowing for free movement amongst your tissues.

Friction Therapy
Friction therapy works to breakdown scar tissue and align it along its intended path resulting in increased functionality. Friction therapy is used on injuries such as strains and sprains that restrict and inhibit the tissue’s normal function.

Referral Care
Your care and wellbeing is in our best interest, if our treatments fail to provide the desired results or our assessments uncover deeper issues, we can provide a referral to another modality in our network of chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists.