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You Must Read this before continuing Massage Therapy!

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How Often Should I Receive a Massage?

Getting a massage is definitely one of the best treats we can give our bodies. A good massage can relieve pain, stress, and improve over-all health and well-being. That’s why it’s ideal to make sure that you get a well-deserved massage every now and again. But a lot of individuals wonder – exactly how often should I receive a massage?
Well, depending on your needs and problems, you might have to get a massage less frequently or more frequently. If you’re wondering when you should schedule your next appointment at that Toronto or Vancouver massage service you love so much, take these points into consideration so you know whether you really need the massage you’re getting.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Massage

1. How Much is Your Budget?

Let’s face it – a massage is money out of the pocket. If you avail of a massage too often (like every working day of the week), you might find yourself running short on funds for other things you need to pay for or purchase. Yes, massages can be very relaxing, and that’s especially true when you find a massage service in Toronto or Vancouver that hits just the right spots. But remember that massage is something you pay for, and when you avail of it a little too often, you might be trickling funds into a guilty pleasure rather than a need.

There are lots of massage centres in Toronto and Vancouver that provide discount coupons and promotions, so it’s best to look into those before you avail of a massage. There are even those that will grant special offers to individuals who take part in their social media interactions. So, if you feel like you really need that daily massage, then at least make sure you’re protecting yourself from any unnecessary fees by scavenging for discounts and special offers before booking your appointment.

2. What Problems Do You Want Addressed?

Depending on the reasons behind your need to get a massage, you might have to increase or decrease the number of your visits in a month. There are lots of different reasons why people opt to get massages, and if these become increasingly significant, then so too must the frequency increase.

Person A for example, has been feeling an uncomfortable lower back pain thanks to a new workout routine that he’s been trying out. This pain might be causing him trouble with daily tasks, and so he decides to visit his Toronto massage centre to get the disturbance to go away. Because person A’s problem was minor and acute, a single visit to the massage facility might be enough to resolve the problem.

Person B on the other hand, has had chronic pain in the shoulder for years because of an injury they incurred a few years ago while they were playing basketball. The pain is present during certain activities and ultimately limits person B’s daily functioning. To address the problem, person B might opt to make a visit to his Vancouver based massage centre. The massage therapist, based on person B’s history, might require person B to return on a recurring schedule to ensure that the pain in the shoulder is addressed.

Much like these 2 examples, you should also consider your needs. Consult your massage therapist and talk about the reasons why you want to avail of a massage service. They will have a better idea as to the frequency of visits you need depending on your situation.

3. How Did You Feel After Your Last Session?

Massages can be very pleasing and this is why some people avail of massage services frequently. But you can decide whether you need a massage depending on how you felt from your last one. If you felt rejuvenated and renewed and your problems, aches, and pains were resolved, then you can probably put off your next session for next month or longer. But, if you left the massage centre and felt that your body was still aching or sore and that your issues were not addressed, then you should probably book another appointment. You can choose to have a massage session with the same massage service provider (if your persistent pains are because of your own body), or another Toronto or Vancouver massage centre (if your persistent pains are because of the lack of expertise of the previous therapist.

4. Are You Going Through a Stressful Event Right Now?

There will be times in our lives that we will have to go through changes and stressful events. Whether it’s a new job responsibility, a big move out to a new place, or the addition of a new family member, it’s inevitable to feel some level of stress. While stressful events usually take a toll on the mind, the negative thoughts we think are often linked to the bodily pains we feel. So to address these issues, it might be ideal to avail of a massage.

A massage can help you release stress and tension built up inside the mind. This is because many traditional massage methods incorporate techniques that specifically target the mind and our thoughts. This means you can achieve over-all wellness and stress relief if you avail of a holistic massage treatment. So, if you’re feeling a little off or if you’ve got a lot on your plate, a massage just might be the perfect solution for your problems.

Remember, if you haven’t got any significant conditions or bodily problems, then you can pretty much get a massage whenever you want. Just make sure you’re working within a budget. Coupons and promotional offers are your friends – make sure you avail of them whenever you can. Depending on your current situation, you might have to visit your massage therapist more than just once a week. Talk with your specialist and discuss the reasons behind your visit. They will know how to address your problems and give you a schedule that works best to resolve your needs. Remember these trusty tips the next time you’re thinking whether or not to get a massage.

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