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Top 5 Qualities of a Good Massage

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So, you’ve found yourself in need of a well-deserved massage. You looked up the nearby massages in Toronto or Vancouver and quickly picked a service provider off of a list. You booked an appointment, made your way to the facility, got the massage, and found yourself heading home an hour later. It wasn’t exactly what you expected – the masseuse worked into your shoulder blades too much, the music wasn’t helpful, and the place was too bright. The next time you get a massage, it won’t be at that place.

Now, you probably already know what makes an unsatisfying massage, but what exactly makes a good massage? How do you know if the massage you’re getting is worth the time and money? Well, this list of 5 qualities of a good massage in Toronto and Vancouver will help you pinpoint the best massage services in your area.

1. Relaxing Even Before You Lie on the Massage Table

If it took you a great deal of time and effort to book your appointment, then there’s probably a good chance your massage therapy centre of choice is poorly managed. As a massage service provider, it is essential that clients are relieved of stress instead of stressed out even more. The stress-relief process begins the moment you engage in a phone call with their telephone representatives.

Did they talk to you in an accommodating manner? Did you easily get a booking on the schedule you preferred? If in case there was no time slot available, were they able to find another suitable time for your visit? Did they inform you of any changes regarding the information you might know about them? Most importantly, did the person sound confident, like they knew what they were talking about? A good massage service also won’t hide any fees or costs, giving you an upfront idea of how much you’ll have to pay once the session is over. Make sure you note any odd answers or unlikable behaviour over the phone. Based on your findings, you might want to switch to a different provider in the Toronto or Vancouver area, or pursue the one you just found.

2. Better Safe than Sorry

Maybe you have an injury from before, or perhaps there’s a part of your body that doesn’t take well to too much or too little pressure. It’s important that your massage therapist understands all the little bodily problems you have to give you a better healing experience, rather than exacerbate what you’re feeling. And remember, it’s not always your responsibility to inform them of these little details.

Massage therapists should be responsible enough to make the effort to ask their clients about any injuries or health concerns that could hinder or require the alteration of the massage service. Some of the best massage centres in Toronto will even ask you about your family health history, and your goals for the session. This allows massage therapists to set goals for your massage, making it more than just a quick fix to an ache, but a long-term solution to make sure your bodily pains are gone for good.

3. Under Pressure

There is a certain skill that comes with giving a massage, and your massage therapy centre of choice should understand this. Effective massage isn’t only performed at random, hoping to spark some sort of relief in the areas that are hit. A truly good massage will help resolve your problems by applying the right pressure at the right areas.
Knowing the right pressure to apply isn’t an exact science. It takes years of practice and experience before a massage therapist knows just how much pressure they need to apply in order to help you out. A good therapist will also be able to identify specific problem areas around the body that need to be resolved.

When you receive your massage, you should expect that a massage therapist will ask how hard you want them to exert pressure. This is usually asked at the beginning of the session, however they should make it a point to ask you all throughout the massage as well. This is because some clients might not tell a massage therapist when the pressure they’re applying is too strong or too light. And so it becomes the masseuse’s responsibility to ensure the right calibration.

4. Soothing Ambiance

You don’t want to get your massage in a facility that has lighting that’s too bright, music that’s too fast, or an over-all ambiance that doesn’t make you feel relaxed or calm. Massage is all about healing and a huge chunk of that comes from the environment around you.

When your mind is at ease, it becomes easier for your body to relax and unwind. That’s why a lot of massage therapy centres in Toronto or Vancouver make sure that their facilities are conducive to making clients feel peaceful. A good massage won’t only focus on resolving bodily aches and pains, but also improve your over-all well-being by targeting stress and tension that exists inside your mind. And with a proper ambiance, this can be easily achieved.

5. Appropriate Aftercare

When you’re done with your massage and finally walk back out into the reception area, you should expect to be greeted by the employees outside. Another thing that many massage centres in Toronto and Vancouver advocate is the provision of tea or water at the end of every session. If you’re therapist makes the time to deliver the tea to you herself, asks you what you liked and didn’t like about the massage session, and talks to you about the potential changes or practices you might like to implement in order to relieve your pains and aches even when you’re at home, then you probably got a good deal. A massage’s benefits don’t simply end at the massage table.

By ensuring that you adapt a healthy lifestyle and steer clear of potential stressors, your massage therapist can extend the advantages of the service you got for a long time later on.

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