Balance: Is it 50/50?

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Our approach to treatment focuses on providing you with tension/compression release while maintaining a state of ease and relaxation.

Can a treatment really be effective with both? Is the balance of clinical treatment to relaxation equal? To the first point, yes. To the latter, no.

Relaxation on its own is a broad term for most, yet when it comes to massage, people associate it with the standard spa session. That may be relaxing to one, but not to another.

How can we as manual practitioners with extensive knowledge on tissue release, provide clients with the best of both worlds? The goal at THL is to be the hub of equilibrium. We strive to strengthen our intuitive and clinical based skills to gauge how much fascial release / postural training a client needs vs the amount of swedish flushing and petrissage are necessary for counterbalance. This is not a science in its right, but a fundamental practice that is employed in every profession when making estimates of any capacity. Intuition is not a set genetic predisposal, like anything in life, it can be learned and applied.

We encourage our patients to direct the balance within their treatment session by combining our awareness of their recovery goals with focused and client-friendly education. This approach allows the client and therapist to to be in unison regarding the direction of each session. We believe that balance is not limited to what the therapist knows to be clinically effective, but also bringing the client’s mind state into accord with the treatment flow. This further enhances the benefits of treatment. So don’t be shy in making your music request, or lack of music for that matter. However best you relax within our scope of practice, is how we want you to be when receiving your therapy your way, when and where you need it.

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