IG: Would you like to get high…..???? Maximal Expansive Breathing is one way to do so naturally. The breath is something we take for granted by poorly utilizing it with all activities we partake in. Just like any other muscle, the diaphragm can be restricted but importantly, can be taught how to function properly given the right cues. Most spend their time breathing apically (upper chest breathers) thus not triggering their diaphragms full if even a fraction of it’s capacity. If we can teach the diaphragm to expand and contract effectively on a daily basis, we can rely on it’s support when looking to exert force during our workouts, or decrease our sns during times of ease. Try doing this breath work every morning and night, for a length of 5-10mins straight. -inhale deeply making sure your belly expands first before your chest -at the top of your breath, just let it flow out with slight forced surrender -repeat

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