IG: Why your feet aren’t to be neglected!?? In a culture where we are less and less inclined to walk bare feet on natural textured surfaces, there is a growing number of flat footed individuals. We are all born with flat feet, but as we grow and learn to walk, our muscles develop to form our arches. Some may be born structurally with bone alignment that does not allow the formation of an arch, but most tend to learn NOT to engage and strengthen the lower leg and foot muscles. Various issues start to arise when your body now has to try and function optimally under such stressful conditions. No matter what, the body ALWAYS adapts to what it’s predisposed to, and will seek the path with least resistance. This is when one typically starts to notice symptoms, for its the path of least resistance that often exudes most pain. We can treat the symptoms all day at the clients request, but if you desire the elimination of pain and increase in functionality, Start with and Commit to the process of STRUCTURAL REALIGNMENT.??? Your joints will thank you later! #happyeaster #THL #thehealinglotus #anatomy #physiology #stress #joints #bodywork #massage #RMT #massagetherapy #toronto #mississauga #rehab #release #balance #structure #body

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