IG: What do you give someone who already has it all??? So I finally got the opportunity to treat one of my mentors Dr. J at #THI @thehealthinstitute It took days of mental prep convincing myself that it was going to be OK? I was very nervous about treating him, I mean where do you begin when the person already knows their issue, what their diagnosis is and all the selfcare needed for recovery…?? Needless to say, I was wrong about how it would all go down. Dr. J is an educator, peer and mentor. He welcomed me at the level of my knowledge and experience by allowing himself to be the client, and me the therapist. He remained open to my approach and left his therapist mind at bay (a little) for the duration of the treatment. At the end of it all, he survived the session☺️ and I made it through all the cursing mentally unscathed.?? All in all, I learnt a lot and I appreciate all the input and feedback you offered. #noted #mentor #massage #massagetherapy #RMT #THL #thehealinglotus #thehealthinstitute #manualtherapy #bodywork #learn #knowledge #rehabilitation #fitness #health #wellness #toronto

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