IG: Unravel your passion… * * I remember there was a point in my life where I was just mindlessly working away with the sole intention of getting my son and I out of broke living. I had one vision, to save enough so he never has to take out a student loan and provide him with a lifestyle that allowed him opportunities a lack of money/environment greatly affected. 5years went by and even though I was succeeding seeing my vision unfold, I noticed that my passion for life was dwindling. I had no ‘real’ direction. I felt empty and unfulfilled. Working for my vision ended up taking time away from my son/family and I wasn’t even working at anything I even enjoyed. I’m forever grateful for the 2008 crash because that’s when life really took a turn for me internally. That’s when I started really searching for what ignited my soul and what would justify & inspire the time I needed to spend away from my son for the same vision. Fast forward a few years past trial & error, (you do need shitty trials to polish out the gems that are buried within you), and there I was giving up living with my son full-time in order to go back to school & become an RMT. My amazing mentor @neveen_dominic gave me the best advice one day that tremendously changed the guilt I felt for wanting to be an entrepreneur but also a great mom. She told me to involve my son in the business. Talk to him about it, ask him for ideas and keep him in the loop about how things are going etc. Hands down the best thing I have ever done! He has given me so many ideas, feels included in my day’s work and understands that the success of us as a family is the success of my business and vice versa. Having a great, involved, loving & supporting coparent made and makes all the difference for me daily. Thank you @aeon4ever08 for allowing us to flourish as individuals whilst influencing a young mind? So I challenge you all to unpack your fears and jump into the business of finding your passion. It won’t be easy. Your challenge will be way different than mine but you have to get to work at it daily! ????? I hope you are all off to a great start today! #selfcare #selfreflection

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