IG: To stretch / strengthen the psoas… * * Why not do both? The beauty about mobility work is more often than not, you don’t have to choose… Not entirely! Unbinding postural patterns such as hyperlordosis or flat back often peg the psoas as either weak/inhibited or tight & facilitated, or a diagonal cross between the two. Despite varying posture patterns, most of us find ourselves sitting ALOT which theoretically then weakens the psoas (hipflexor) & glutes. Even when facilitated/inhibited, I find clients still report their hip flexors as feeling tight. So then…??‍♀️…do you stretch it or strengthen it? Why not do both? Regardless of the posture pattern, the muscle needs to be taught how to live & perform healthily in it’s ideal state of being you’re trying to bring it into. If you are strengthening a weak muscle, it likely can benefit from feeling open with that new power. When stretching a muscle, it’s best to give it strength with each increment of stretch you award it. In massage school they say lengthen before you strengthen, and there is truth to that, but what I love about mobility work is that even when you are focusing on lengthening a muscle, you are still depositing strength factors through that rehab work, then progress accordingly. So I stretch the living daylights out of most psoas situations I encounter, but best believe they are strengthening it as well within that same frame. Teach the mind to connect to the body directly and it won’t be too confused/hurt when responding to what the body engages in physically, because the nervous response has been created. #primemovement #selfcare #mobility

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