IG: Thoracic Mobility… * * Why you may want more of it: -because LIFE! Your ribcage is the house for many of your vital organs and ‘meeting point’ for everything upper body thus keeping it mobile is vital to your health and sporting capacity. Due to prolonged time spent in a kyphotic posture, gaining movement along your spine alleviates stiffness from being static and lubricates the joints for optimal performance. Coupled with Diaphragmatic activation/release, opening up ranges of motion in your T-spine will have you breathing better, overhead squatting better and what do you know, some of that back neck chest pain may go away too!??? The extension and flexion movements are not as defined due to the ball, but you must aim to move into those directions as much as you can squeeze out without losing form. The ball is great to use especially when you are starting out for kinesthetic feedback allowing you to focus more on the movement & compensations. Try this out… 5-10 rotations on each side… PS* I’ve realized I shed a tear every time I do mobility work!? BUT I have never felt better getting out of bed daily… Motion gets better and better!??? #selfcare #PrimeMovement

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