IG: Thoracic Extension Release… * * Almost over the hump! Here is a great self care exercise to get your thoracic spine to open up, help you breathe deeply and perform upper body motions with greater ease. We get locked in forward flexion for most of our days due to comfort. After all, we developed in-eutero in full flexion at our major joints. Opening up your extension capacity in your spine, hip joint and shoulder joint can expose you to many performance/living benefits if done correctly and consistently. If you are tight in your pecs, have mid/low back pain or cannot use your shoulder in the capacity you would like, try this release out for 2-5mins daily moving from your t12 area up toward your cervical spine c7. Once between the shoulder blades, lean in on one side or the other to get those rhomboid attachment points. This works more intensely with a ridged roller… Its GREAT!????? Let me know how you feel! #selfcare #primemovement

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