IG: This warmed my ? so much? * I remember doing these dances at the farm, all grandkids (about 10) in a circle half dancing and the other half drumming. * * Parents, grandparents, uncles aunts, cousins, neighbours and workers, all gathered around us clapping and singing cheerfully as we just celebrated life. * Back then, I had no concept of ego/materialism. I knew the farm life. I knew I had a huge family that loved me. My grandmother taught us that everyone on our massive farm was equal to us no matter what job they did on the farm. Her saying that then made no sense because I already valued them all and would spend time hanging out in the fields with them or herding cattle etc * Days like these when we would all eat as one outside the front yard, are some of the best days I remember from home. * My heart warmed with such innocence as I watched this and realized I have definitely come a long way from that little girl that danced with her heart wide open and limbs tossed in universal surrender. * It’s time I went back home. It’s time to reconnect with what truly matters. Time I found a way to bring more prosperity and comfort to my motherland in any way I can. * Nostalgia ?

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