IG: This is a small but powerful prayer/mantra for forgiveness and cleansing. We do not realize the injustices we place upon ourselves daily by ruminating on the wrong aspects of life. This ancient Hawaiian prayer was used within families or by healers to aid someone who was physically ill. It was believed that any emotional imbalances and stresses/guilt etc manifested in the body. Any past discretions or karmic actions would be experienced in the the form of illnesses. This concept is not new and has been researched into our present day. I am posting this to bring awareness to your thoughts for today. To be mindful of your internal chatter. To realize that you are ok as you are. To forgive yourself for thinking any different and move forward with a forgiving eye upon everyone you encounter. You may feel as though there are specific people to forgive and situations to rectify, however the more you repeat this mantra the sooner you realize that true forgiveness lies within forgiving oneself for not seeing the perfection of your life. Let go of the concepts that led to any feeling other than love, gratitude and joy. The body responds to the mind, hardly the other way around. So when seeking outlets to relieve bodily pains, check in with your state of mind first. Be open with yourself. Be open to releasing more than just muscle tension. Realize your mind needs relief from your ruminating thoughts, and can be achieved by practicing mindfulness…take time outs… Give more… Complain less… Say thank you! Be free and be clear everyone! This was Tomorrow…?? #namaste #meditation #zen #hoponopono #knowledge #spirituality #unity #love

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