IG: The Power Of Touch!… * * I was always a very tactile kid. Growing up on a farm also predisposed me to so much sensory experience that is incredibly lacking in our modern environments. Cleaning pig stys, fetching ostrich eggs, feeding the chickens, herding the cows, digging for grounded veggies, sleeping with 10of your cousins in one room with one queen bed…??‍♀️ There definitely was no shortage of sensory stimuli??‍♀️but I wouldn’t change those experiences for the world? Touch was the only real way I knew how to connect with/process something. I fell off our roof because I even wanted to touch the sky!? Emotion is intangible in a physical sense, but it’s physical expression is undeniable especially when directed via touch. Now I live a ‘civilized’ life. I can’t say I am as connected to the people around me or environment the way I was in Africa. Have I evolved/devolved?? If we could strive to touch more positively, in such a repressed culture, I bet ALOT could be different in the energy of the world. Most importantly, just aiming to touch each other’s lives in a positive way daily one person at a time shifts intangible glaciers in their world, and more deeply in yours. It’s supppppppper cliche to say, ‘be compassionate to others for you know not what they are dealing with,’ but boy oh boy is it ever true! I’m just here to spread love, ONE healing ??‍♀️ at a time!??always pointing that forward compass back to where the ? truly began?? I hope you can see yourself in someone else’s eyes, and see who you truly are? Give the next stranger you see a HUG!??? #hugchallenge ????? #compassion #onelove #weareone

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