IG: The hips don’t lie… * * * Working on releasing the glutes, rotators, stabilizers, flexors and extensors of the hip. * * When working on the hips (body in general), I always start by looking at what the ankle and knee are doing statically and dynamically. Your body doesn’t work as one muscle at a time, one group at a time etc, it’s a recruitment process whereby the entire unit functions as one to safely and effectively give you the BEST movement pattern. Being in tune with your postural deviations allows for better calibration of your body before, during and after performing activities. The rest of your body follows the directions given from the base (feet). What are your hips saying to you today? Can you see how your hips are following your ankles? Knees? Make sure the next manual therapy session educates you on how to better attain a state of equipoise, so you can ⛹️?????????️? EFFECTIVELY!?

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