IG: Short Range Hip Flexor Strength.. * * This is a rehab protocol but can be utilized for advanced strength training of the core & hip flexor. With the hip already at 90degrees, you are now training the upper mid range to end range portion of flexion. In order to bring the leg up, your core needs to brace to allow for you to clear the leg off the floor thus you get to train your garter belt. Really focus on irradiating the contraction through your entire body for an isolated clean leg lift. If you have recently injured your groin, hip flexor, knee or core, this is a good way to get back to movement and can be done isometrically as well. Advancing this can be done in a number of ways: -ankle weights -loop band around ankles -towel/hand to passively bring leg up, then isometrically contract to keep the leg in the air whilst removing the support (goal is to decrease the lag when you let go) Try this drill for 3sets of 15-20 As you advance it, you can decrease the reps according to weight. #selfcare #primemovement

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