IG: Self Care. Mental Check… * * Days are just days. People are just people. Emotions are ephemeral. Situations are just that, Yet your perspective on them all is the only common denominator to whether or not all those are supportive/unsupportive to your mental well-being. The accumulation of perspectives on all the above determines your overall outlook on life. How you experience any given encounter adds to the existing summary of YOU. Today has been a hard start for me. Nothing in particular has happened, but my mind just seems to be stuck in a place of lamentation and over the weather of all things. Could it be S.A.D? (seasonal affective disorder)??‍♀️. My overall outlook on life is immensely positive. I know I am happy in my life. I see all the great things happening for me and around me and I’m empowered by them. So I choose to take on the Stoic/Buddhist outlook on emotions. They are quickly changing and aren’t a determinant of who I am or where I am going. As quickly as this appeared this morning driving lil one to school, is as quickly as it will go in another instant. My choice right now is to ride the wave. Coast it in observation with no attachment and see if it reveals anything latent or blows over aimlessly as I anticipate it will. I love watching these videos when in Mexico. There is no way of describing how the wind felt against my skin, the kiss of the sun nor the scent of the ocean. I’m yet to stay at a villa as healing & meticulously designed such as @villalolbeh I’ll be organizing a crew to visit this place again one day. If you’re down, stay ready!!!!??? In the mean time, #selfcare #selflove and LOTS of it!? Happy hump day everyone! Be safe & be gentle with yourselves today?

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