IG: Self-care is about being deliberate in taking the time for yourself to replenish the mind, body & soul. * * Self care isn’t what you do infront of others, but the work you put into yourself when others are not looking. * * We live a world with myriads of unseen forces, even more so now, when everything is publicized our culture has taken to an emotionally silent one. * * It is not selfish to love oneself. To say no to what doesn’t enhance you. To choose you first. To refuse everything the world throws at you because it fuels normalcy and your heart beats to an ‘offbeat’ drum. Whatever your rhythm, stay true to yourself but open to all of life’s possibilities. * * @growwithjo has been the most delightful person I have come across in the fitness game?. Her open and positive attitude speak volumes even in the silence of her treatment session. She embodies her message daily in being open & authentic with herself and others. If you are in need of a trainer?️, supporter? & life cheerleader?, @growwithjo is a spectacular choice. * * Thank you for all your support, enthusiasm, knowledge and openness to THL. Thank you for trusting us as an additive to your incredible fitness lifestyle??? * * How are you all investing in your self-care?

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