IG: Sacral pumping to relieve low back pain caused by a deep spinal curve. The goal is to improve mobility at the lumbar & SI joints, which helps the hip bones + surrounding tissues function better. Pumping the sacrum creates space between the sacral and lumbar joints and disperses some of the tension at the typically compressed L5/S1 region (where your lower spine meets your sacrum). This is one of many treatment approaches to relieving any symptoms that may occur due to a postural disposition such as this. Though grossly depicted, note how the sacrum sits in an exaggerated forward tilt in relation to the lower spine(bottom pic)?- the load increases at one point versus diffusing amongst all joints and tissues. Many compensations start to occur with tissues and joints working harder and awkwardly to support the body in space. It’s never just one direction to keep in mind when treating a postural imbalance. The more you know, the sooner you can start on the journey to self calibration and balance, for both clients and therapists. #posture #pain #therapy #anatomy #physiology #jointplay #balance #THL #thehealinglotus #massage #RMT #toronto #healthy #lifestyle #bodywork #gym #workout #fitness #selfcare

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