IG: Rest & Reset… * * It took a lot out of me this morning to not hit the gym. I’ve been going at it daily for weeks and even though I do self care before or after training, I was neglecting the resting aspect of gainz. Today’s self care regime will be upper body focused due to the forward bent over posture I assume when treating clients. Going after the pecs, core, anterior neck and adductors is the common choice and one I will hammer in on this afternoon. This video is a snippet of opening up the pec/chest region which helps alleviate tension experienced around the posterior neck/shoulder blade area. Add in the Cobra Stretch (yoga) to get more of a core stretch and sit wide legged against the wall, inching your hips closer to the wall for the adductor stretch. This is patient work. Not one input will give you the results, so sit with it repeatedly and for long periods of time to attain results. Happy Hump Day! #selfcare

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