IG: #Repost @drkev_hybrid • • • • • ENOUGH? . This post is long overdue. Everytime another life in my city is taken- I’m reminded that I’ve lost loved ones to this bullshit, I’m awakened again to the fact that I need to do more, we need to do more. I see the faces of the ones I’ve lost reincarnated in the forefront of my mind after I’ve tried to make peace with the fact that I’ll never see them again . I tremor over the thought of raising a young king here. How will I rest easy at night knowing he’s out there. How can any of us rest easy knowing what these Toronto streets are like . My city, please, can we do more? We need to do more. More badges at night is a temp fix. We need to inject love into the youth of our community. Talk to them, kick it with them while their emotional make up is still evolving, while their story is still being written . I’ve been a part of and have seen incredible initiatives in our city helping our young roses bloom?, teaching them they have no ceilings. We could only get to everybody if we embody the “each one, teach one” ethos. We all have a part to play with the resources we have. What you think may be insignificant is very likely a monumental push for the better. Do what you can, the universe will applaud you 10x fold. . Please, for our future, I need you, we need you?? . Please share-forget the likes, the follows. I just need this message to touch as many people as possible so we could stand for something that affects us all✌? . . #ProtectHometurf #TorontoStrong #ToTheRosesIllNeverMeet #AnotherFatalSunset #ToBeScaredOfWhereYouCallHome

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