IG: Quadratus Lumborum Stretch… * * This targets the tissues along your lateral line with an intense pull on your Quadratus Lumborum muscle. It attaches to your 12th rib, lumbar veterbrae and down to you iliac crest (hip bone). Tension and tightness in it can have you leaning to one side/feeling tilted, it may also have trigger points that refer into your gluteal area and be a contributor to low back pain/stiffness. Try this stretch out, you may do this near a wall or chair is you have trouble balancing. Another way is to do this by the doorway and grip while leaning away from the door with the same foot positioning. PS* lean sideways for linear fibers along the lateral line, however being 3dimensional beings, you can rotate/twist your torso to get other fibers along the spiral line. Remember to practice Maximal Expansive Breathing whilst holding the stretch for 2mins?? Let me know how you feel! ? #selfcare #primemovement

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