IG: Prime Movement… * * #TBT to a fun & challenging self-care class Toronto has ever seen!?? Having to do self-care alone can be tedious and boring, especially when you don’t have the discipline to stay with it long enough to take effect. Prime Movement class puts you in an environment of shared suffering? but for positive long term gainz!????? This snapshot is of the lovely @ms.fit.morgan irradiating into adduction first then abduction to get a deeper stretch in her inner thigh region. This is a deep groin stretch and is best shared with a BFF/gym buddy/partner/anyone you’re comfy sitting with to support you mentally lol Go through 5-10 good rounds of contracting in (closing your legs) and contracting out (opening them wider) then holding in the new position for 2mins. Breathe! Repeat for as many cycles as possible and have fun unbinding out of that! Ha!???? #selfcare #primemovement

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