IG: Plantar Fasciitis! An athletes Achilles heel… It’s not enough to treat the foot itself and release all the adhesions/restrictions surrounding the inflamed tissue. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar (bottom surface) of the foot caused by repetitive overuse activities. The dense connective tissue undergoes mini tears which then lead to strain and flare up of the surrounding sheath and tissues. When treating plantar fasciitis in particular it’s important to look at the entire back line fascially and note the line of imbalance. How many joints are involved from top to bottom on one side with overlapping muscles crossing each joint? How are those joints related? Which of those joints will most likely take the weight of compensation after injury? What postural habits are forming? What postural habits/activities led to this injury? We always look up & down! No matter how minute you may feel your condition is. Some of the structures we may target when treating plantar fasciitis include but aren’t limited to: -calves -hamstrings -glutes -IT band -Peroneals -quads -posterior thorax -foot intrinsics -TFL etc Don’t worry about these names, all you need to know is if we aren’t directly on your sore foot, we are still working on your sore foot!✊? There is more than one way to the top of the mountain, at THL, we place Trekkers at key points at the bottom surrounding the mountain and move up????? #globaltherapy #globalvision #THL #thehealinglotus #massage #massagetherapy #manualtherapy #toronto #ottawa #rehab #fitness #wellness #wellbeing #selfcare #run #active #lifestyle

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