IG: Pec release… * * Here is a sneak peak into this weekend’s Prime Movement SelfCare class. We will be focusing on the Upper Body, primarily the culprits that cause alot of neck, head and mid back pain. In this video I am leaning into the oversized tennis ball and pinning the pec fibers whilst moving the muscle through that pinned point. Being flat against the wall, you can do mini internal and external rotations but just reaching up and down the wall/mirror will also do the trick. This is not aggressive releasing. The pecs are already generally tight and full of alot of tender points so we aren’t looking to create unnecessary inflammation. Allow your body to swallow the pressure point of the ball versus slamming it over the tissues looking for relief. If you teach the muscle how to accept the pressure, it will likely disperse the tension rather than create more of it. Move slowly and go along your entire chest plate (under your collar bone, along your sternum and just below your breast area between your ribs & back up to your shoulder.) Go for a 5min release than repetitions. Use the breath in the find the tension, use the breath out to allow the pec to swallow the ball deeper into the tender spot. Repeat on the other side. Rinse this with a nice pec stretch, and you’ve started your due diligence against the hunch back of notredame!?? #goodjob #selfcare #primemovement

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