IG: Open Up your Hips… * * This dynamic stretch targets the inner thigh stuff and the front thigh stuff! “Stuff” as there is much that connects, blends, emerges from or crosses this area; and any other part of your body. Which you specifically get, is all to your personal predisposition. Where you feel it most, is the direction you go to! This feels good prior to or after to any activity. I use it mainly before flying, training and especially before running/cycling. Go as deep as you can, twist your torso in the opposite direction as well to feel it more proximally and intensely. Use a pillow/Rowell under your knee if you are actually going to practice deep stretching/mobility work in this position. Do as in the video at a steady pace prior to a workout, or go slowly and deeply post workout when looking to effect neurological change to those tissues. #selfcare #primemovement

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