IG: On tackling the QL Muscle… * * I have alot of love for the lateral and spiral fascial lines. It’s always so interesting to see & feel the difference in movement once you release any restriction along that line. For instance, the Quadratus Lumborum muscle that attaches to the rim of your hip, along your lumbar veterbrae and up to your 12th rib, can influence how you walk, sit, squat or overhead press etc. When it’s tight, it compresses the space between your hip & ribcage which then affects all movement up & down the lateral chain. Once that happens (of course other factors considered/eliminated), the body starts to compensate for this lack of fluid motion by coupling from other tissues/areas, usually some sort of rotation for counterbalance. In order for you to now stay ‘balanced’ you will likely feel twisting at the hips or ribcage to compensate, and goes further down with the knee & foot. It’s a ripple effect, and understanding how all structures are related and influence each other is key to taking the right selfcare path (self/professional). Have you practiced self care today??? ??‍♀️ @thebrazilianbomber #selfcare

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