IG: Maximal Expansive Breathing… * * It’s always interesting to see how most of us can’t connect with our bodies in an isolated manner. I don’t blame you, most of life’s movements are dynamic so why would ‘isolation’ be important? As dynamic as all movement is, it’s imperative to have ‘isolated’ joint & tissue health inorder to express fluid & healthy movements. (PS* there is no true isolation) The diaphragm is probably one of the main muscles least used to it’s full capacity. In this video, I am taking a FULL belly breath in reflexively, then FORCEFULLY expiring it all till the last puff.?️ This not only engages the top end of your diaphragm, but gets your intercostals and abdominal muscles engaged as well, making it dynamic in that sense. Try this to start your morning/night meditation routine. After about 5mins you may experience tingling/lifted sensation?it’s pretty greeeeaaaat!? Happy Sunday Everyone! ? #selfcare #primemovement

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