IG: Isometric Ramping! * * Hamstring tightness is very common amongst most of us and the quest to find the most effective release can sometimes seem elusive??‍♀️ I personally do not care for the foam roller on the hammies, I find that you never quite get it as there is just too much engagement from the rest of the body without enough ‘effective’/’satisfying’ pressure going into the spot. Finding this oversized tennis ball has probably been the best finding since the electrons?lol Roll your hammies out till you find a juicy spot. -use slow, deep breathing to swallow the pressure of the ball even more into the spot it’s hitting on your hams. -be there for about a min -still maintaining controlled breath, slowly isometrically contract at the area of the ball aiming to push the ball away from that spot -hold for 10secs at about 70-80% energy and release out slowly to swallow that ball again into that same spot. Do this a number of times through as many points on your hams that you feel carry the most tension. (Typical key areas include: upper ham right under glutes, mid hammies at it’s bulkiest, lateral & medial ham). Try this out. If you don’t have a tennis ball, I have used kettle bells at the gym for a similar effect and some have seen me on the hyperextension machine rolling then out as well? #selfcare

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