IG: How attractive is low back pain?? You see great curves, we see a condition called Hyperlordosis? It’s defined as an exaggerated curvature of the lower spine causing the core to protrude forward, giving the glutes an accentuated appeal. Some can’t help it posturally, however nowadays, most intentionally assume this posture under the impression it’s attractive? (This posture affects both males and females FYI) What happens is the tilting of your hips forward weakens the core & glutes whilst keeping the hamstrings long. It also then shortens the low back muscles, and weakens your hip flexor & quad muscle(Rec Fem) at its upper attachment. This is termed Lower Cross Syndrome. A lot can be done to correct this posture if it’s functional. A few ways to begin alleviating some symptoms that may arise are: -counter tilting by performing bridge exercises -calibrate your posture when you walk, run or sit by ensuring you engage the lower core whilst breathing comfortably -strengthen weaker muscles such as your glutes and deeper core -performing downward dog or child pose stretches to lengthen the back muscles -get a manual treatment to help release restrictions and improve mobility where necessary?? Diligence is ? to encourage long term spinal health. Just like a sweaty girl in a gym is hotter than a sweaty girl in a club?? (apparently), great posture is definitely hotter than bad form?? Stay healthy beautiful people! #posture #key to #healthy #living #THL #thehealinglotus #information #knowledge #share #rehab #anatomy #physiology #lifestyle #wellness #wellbeing #body #gym #train #hot #fitgirl #fitfam #toronto #massage #massagetherapy #RMT

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