IG: Hip CARS… * * Hope everyone had an AMAZING Canada Day Weekend???and what better way to spend your Monday than recouping with some self care? Here is another variation to the hip rotations focusing on the joint space. Being on the bench allows you to remove all other joints from coupling as you move through it. On top of this isolation is the addition of gravity to go against which just makes it even more ? Irradiate energy/contract your whole body (brace your core of course) by pushing the opposite leg into the bench, grasping onto the bench with your hands and core tight. You will find that your range of motion isn’t as grandiose as when you are standing or in quadruped but that articulation will feel every movement. Try it out & lemme know how you feel! Aim for 10-20rotations on each leg. Try and do about 3 without stopping? #selfcare #primemovement

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