IG: Healing… * * We spend so much time focusing on the things that are tangible in life. When it comes to health, ALL physical facets of life depend GREATLY on MENTAL HEALTH. ALL OF THEM! It’s become this taboo or wishy washy thing to associate healing with the intangible aspect of life, “energy” and it was something that stood out to me even through school where you could see the separation of therapist styles from one school of thought to another. Through my practice of a few years and encountering a myriad of individuals from all walks of life, a few things have become incredibly true to me about healing. 1) it’s all mental 2) it takes energy to heal (intangible/tangible- it’s all ultimately intangible in my opinion) 3) no ONE way is better than the other Science has created and killed more dreams than any of our ancestors could have even began to contemplate, but even science has no way of explaining alot of the grey field in how & why we do things a certain way. If you believe in the unfolding of certain things in your life, I don’t see why you won’t achieve that. Many successful people have shown this to be true. Why then, do we not see or accept the unfolding of the opposite spectrum??? Why do we not take full responsibility for our own health & wellbeing before we hurt ourselves? Why do we choose to repeat cycles of behavior we know do not align with the optimal function of our bodies? Why do we allow ourselves to be OK with surface treatments & not deeper root causes? Why is it hard to look at ourselves honestly and choose to work for the betterment of ourselves? The answer is always the one we don’t want to walk towards… It makes us cringe, want to run for that guilty pleasure and become defensive. Healing starts with yourself. Healing starts with a self observation. Healing starts with self acceptance. Healing starts with a decision. Healing starts with an action. Healing continues with choosing all of the above steps over and over daily, weekly & monthly, for LIFE! And I’m just here for the hour or two to be part of one of those first steps of many! Just know that you are NOT ALONE in this!???‍♂️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♂️ #selfcare

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