IG: Happy New Year to you ALL? * * 4 major take aways from 2017: -I learnt the great importance of listening to people. As Maya Angelou said, ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them.?Do NOT pick and choose what you want to hear in the moment and hope for a different outcome. LISTEN!?? -I learnt to keep myself open to the world? and ALLOW opportunities to unfold without resisting due to fear & discomfort? I went from living off $400monthly with a baby, to being laid off & having no passionate/lucrative direction, till now, growing a business that I hope can heal you the way it did me??? -I learnt the true feeling of what it means to be part of a Tribe??. To grow with individuals who genuinely love & support you. People you couldn’t see yourself being without because your frequencies are unmatched. That soul love! To watch the waves in interests fluctuate but the foundation staying strong, the true meaning of friendship. I met many incredible individuals along the way who saw in me what I didn’t see in myself at first and are forever a part of my Tribal heart. -Most importantly, this was the year I truly learnt to LOVE MYSELF WHOLLY!?? Particularly the last few months have moulded my internal & external view in a positively profound way; as a mother, daughter, sister, life partner, coworker, acquaintance and fellow human. I hope I can share that great ❤️ with you all through my work?? Thank you LIFE! I can’t say I know where exactly time began but in this moment, I want to give a great CHEERS to us having made it this far? I look forward to growing alongside you all!? Happy New Year from #TheHealingLotus

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