IG: Happy Monday Everyone!? * * I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ecstatic to be alive & well today!??? Here is a short neck routine to do if you experience pain/tension around the neck/shoulder blade area. More of than not, it’s due to prolonged posture in the forward head position. This drill will give your cervical spine the motion it needs as you move through the entire range of motion at it’s outer limits, + deposit back some strength as you isometrically contract particularly the posterior tissues (when your head is flexed forward/toward the armpit). You can also reverse the motion by keeping your head in on position and tweaking the shoulder blade to Target the same tissues…(I’ll create a video for that too). Ensure your form is clean by keeping your torso upright and not slouched, coz that would totally defeat the purpose of unbinding bad posture pains lol☝?? Try this together with a great chest opener of your choice & let me know how you feel! #selfcare #primemovement

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