IG: Happy Born Day To Moi!? Trying to figure out when I decided to “adult”?Gosh, it all seemed so cool and simple back then…⌛️ Amazing how you feel your life will be when you finally reach a certain point. Have certain things. Have certain people. Be something/somebody. All I know is I am NOW ready to step into the space I used to be so excited to reach when I was a young girl, with NO RESERVATIONS. Somehow we lose sight of simplicity chasing complexity and fail to realize the complex is only a overly thought out version of the simple. 31. Building a business I NEVER EVER envisioned for myself. About to embark on a year of world education. Loving a son so full of vision beyond my present comprehension. Living with as much FLOW as my mindfulness will tap into. All I know is I love everything about my journey. I love all those involved in it. I love love. I love being love. I am grateful and thankful for everything as it presently expresses itself now, for I now understand my own self expression through that level of observation. Cheers to life. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!?❤️? #gotdeepforasecondthere #birthday #celebration #life #living #toronto #selfaware #selflove #selfexpression #knowledge #intuition #love #passion #mother #friend #love #yoga #wisdom #namaste

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