IG: GOALS… * * I’ve been quiet posting on Instagram since my recent trip back home to Africa. It had been 17years since I left without turning back, and I was amazed by what I saw, didn’t see but most importantly what I felt. The biggest takeaway I want to share with you all is the importance of grounding. Being grounded in BEING. In your essence. I left at a pinnacle age for any human (15) and returned 17years later. All these years I didn’t look back. Whatever memories that were so strong when I first came had faded a bit, but always left this lingering feeling of incompletion. Being back reignited who I am in my core. Walking in the footsteps of your childhood and seeing why you are the way you are now is a very empowering experience. Without much family here in Canada, being home filled a gap I didn’t even really realize I was missing. North America seemed so worthless to me for a bit. All the lofty 1st world goals, and yet what I was seeing back home was beyond that. I was stripped down to feeling the strains of lack in basic human rights needs, e.g. clean water. As you embark on your awesome 2019year, I employ you to review your goals diligently and ask yourself the VALUE in which you are bringing to yourself & others. If your goals aren’t aligned with YOU in your truest form of BEING then I fear you will acquire them and be extremely sad in the end. Be grounded in understanding what it is YOU truly need for YOU, and what it takes to make YOU happy by YOUR standards, not others. Self-care is big business, I can admit that, but my hopes for you are that you invest in ONLY the things you consider really caring to your soul. Your BEING. I hope you dream BIG, and be unapologetic in pursuing them. Life is too short and other places in the world have WAYYYYY less than you currently have, TRUST! I look forward to watching you blossom in health (mind & body) for those of you who see Functional Movement Self-care as valuable to your well-being.? #namaste

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