IG: Glutes Glutes Glutes + Hammies?? Deep Tissue Fascial Release! My favourite tools are my fingers, I tend to lean towards ?specific work however, the elbow is incredible in that it allows greater power applied to broader tissues without sacrificing ?work. I never miss the glute-hammie Fascial sheath with any leg or low back complaints. A lot of stress is applied to this region and doesn’t receive nearly as much stretch/release as it deserves. More often than not, the glutes don’t see a fully effective stretch nor do the proximal hammie attachments. So much work to tighten and tone without stretch and tenderizing?? Simply sinking in with the elbow, engaging your client to actively extend the leg or you passively roll it under your compression can provide immense relief. Due to the limited effective stretching these attachments receive, I tend to opt for any compressive work whilst having the muscle in a stretched position, this stimulates the neuronal pathways allowing the spindles to relax…yes, I’m passive aggressive like that!☺️?? In the past few months of treating, the major lesson I have learnt in treatment approach is working with Power and not with Force.?? #THL #thehealinglotus #massage #therapy #deeptissue #fascia #release #wellness #health #fitlife #gym #workout #fitfam #manualtherapy #rehab #selfcare #educate #toronto #6

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