IG: GH External Rotation Drill… * * The goal is to gain as much active & controlled range of motion in all movements. Here I am demonstrating it in external rotation of the shoulder joint. If you have a longer stick where you can stand and do this, that works too. I prefer being as grounded as possible to reduce the amount of compensation from other joints. Ensure the stick is aligned with your hip thus you will be shifting your body behind the bar maintaining your forward facing position at all times. -Get to your end passive stretch for about 2mins, ensuring to breathe deeply. -isometrically contract into the pole (internal rotation) and spill that to the rest of your body up to your greatest safest effort for 10secs -without losing the contraction, engage into external rotation whilst shifting your weight even more backwards for 10secs -hold your newly acquired passive stretch for the length of time it takes for your body to be completely relaxed in it. -repeat as needed… #PrimeMovement #selfcare #mobility

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