IG: Forearm Appreciation… * * Just as we neglect the hands and feet in relation to therapeutic investment, the forearms are equally ignored. It’s almost as though people’s sensory output lives in the head, neck, shoulders & back??‍♀️ The forearm muscle groups when overactive and not respected can exhibit weakness in synergistic muscles such as the arm(bi’s tri’s) and especially the lats. I often see overactive forearm flexors within my active group of clients who have an insufficient grip in their hands thus creating this influx of tension on the forearms with little help from major groups such as the lats and the shoulder complex. At times, the shoulder complex is also out of whack that the residual tension or compensation pattern then trickles down to the forearms. This video shows a general way you can release both the flexors and extensors of your forearms using a ridged foam roller or lacrosse ball to land on trigger points on one side, whilst applying a stripping or flushing pressure at the top. Follow this up with a nice forearm stretch, holding each for 1-2mins long. Repeat 5x per week Lemme know how else you like to release your forearms…????

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