IG: Foot intrinsics & Plantar Fascia… * * Here is a great way to relieve tension in your feet whilst stimulating the muscles at the same time. We spend a great amount of time with our feet in cushioned surfaces and this leads to desensitized / oversensitive feet. Using a lacrosse ball is a great way to reduce pent up tension and manipulate the fascia, whilst giving your intrinsics some neurologic feedback. Pair this self release with calf stretches (particularly if you have high arches or do alot of explosive work) and this could be that little ? to garnish your healthy fit lifestyle. Move slowly and apply more pressure gradually by leaning into the ball. Move your toes up and down, spread them as wide as you can to strip pressure points you come across. Try this daily for about 2-3mins on each side. Let me know how you feel ?? #selfcare #primemovement

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