IG: Facial Stretch! Opening up your hips isn’t restricted to the lower body. Your deep core muscles and surrounding broad superficial muscles greatly affect the positioning and feel of your hips due to their attachment points (direct/indirect). Thai massage is a great tool to release trigger points (pressure points) and loosen up the fascial sheaths in your body. In this pic, the stretch is mostly felt in the lower region (Just above the hip) and upper region where the triceps and lats meet. Increasing fluidity in your upper trunk, shoulder & core will greatly improve your overall hip range of motion, ability to engage better and maintain proper form when training. This stretch can be achieved at home by interlacing your hands above your head, feet together, shoulders relaxed away from ears and side bend to opposite side, hold for 30secs. (Watch not to twist your trunk) For more information on how Thai massage can be beneficial to you, contact us now at 647-860-5833. #yogi #yoga #Thai #massage #toronto #manualtherapy #RMT #massagetherapy #health #holistic #wellness #fitness #lifestyle #athlete #THL #thehealinglotus #triggerpoint #pressurepoint

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