IG: Erector Spinae Release‚Ķ * * Happy New Week You Special Humans!? I hope you are callibrating a nice routine to start your day daily before letting in the noise of the world. Here is a bit of noise ? but it’s good for you. Take what is given at a rate that’s manageable & relevant to you. This release is particularly useful for those with hyper extended lower backs (hyperlordosis) but obviously anyone can find relief from this. Place the ball just off the side of your spine. Rock your pelvis back & forth as your back pushes on & off the ball. You can then tilt the pelvis up so the ball is in contact with your back, use your in-breath to contract the low back muscles into the ball (melting around it) and out-breath to release the contraction while relaxing more into it. Try this for about 5 repetitions or longer. Repeat on the other side??? #selfcare #primemovement

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