IG: Eccentric Loading On Hip Flexor * * This rehab drill is focused on the lowering of the leg to the floor as opposed to bringing it up. If your injury has your hip flexors still too weak/painful to bring the leg up alone, you shouldn’t be doing this drill yet. If you still want to, use a towel or your hands to guide the leg up then eccentrically push it back to the ground. Rehab work is tedious, seemingly slow but necessary work. Trust the intelligent healing process of your body, but be diligent enough to understand that it cannot do a perfect job on its own. Try this drill if you’ve recently injured your hip flexors, knee or groin region. This line of training will get the hip flexors primarily but you can still work it for the knee being in the same line of tension. This would only be applicable if the knee is rendered immobile and you do this to keep Movement & strength above the chain. Try it out. 3 sets of 10-15 #selfcare

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