IG: Do not fail to succeed, fail many times in order to succeed. * * Cliches are corny till one day alot of personal experiences have you living them. There’s nothing more to this post other than my realization recently that I have tried and failed at ALOT of things (sometimes even prematurely before truly finding out if they were true failures) but I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t keep trying at something different – cliche?- I know! Lol If you are lost today or don’t know what you are truly passionate enough to pursue, simply try at anything small that remotely sounds like a good idea at the time. Over time & with observation in each experience, your life will unfold before you. The key is to cultivate a level of optimism, no matter how deluded you may feel about it at the time, that gives you just enough energy to try at it long enough to reach an outcome. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less! Just had this thought, and decided to share. Happy Saturday everyone! Missing Tulum weather with the team @luxury.branding.retreats ? @alyssa_raye_productions #selflove #selfcare

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