IG: Deep Tissue Work?……….? ❗❗LONG POST ALERT❗❗ The calves do so much for us in a day, but few give them the love they deserve- I mean true, deep and unconditional love?? Most limit their calves to two muscles, gastrocs and soleus, but it’s a compartment of a few more individuals than that. One of the silent culprits causing calf pain or instability or lack of mobility in the ankle is the Tibialis Posterior muscle. It is deep to both your gastrocs and soleus and thus requires deeper work to effect release in it. It inserts past the ankle joint on the inside and attaches to a few of your smaller foot bones. Most flat footed individuals tend to need this muscle stimulated to help fire properly as it is too relaxed and lengthened, this will create better arch support- long term. Others need it released to allow the ankle joint to move fluidly. Because it crosses the ankle and attaches to other foot mobility dependant bones, having too much tension and reduced motion in this muscle can impact the true full function of the ankle joint. So go deeper into your calves, sink a little further down the chain of posture and figure out what other culprits are contributing to your functional mobility or lack thereof? #THL #keepingyoufunctionallyengaged #thehealinglotus #massage #mobilemassage #RMT #toronto #health #wellness #wellbeing #fitness #lifestyle #body #work #bodywork #mind #holistic #stretch #selfcare #rehab #manualtherapy #massagetherapy

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