IG: Dead Man Twist??? This Thai stretch is great for anyone with back stiffness, thoracic postural imbalance and a tight shoulder complex. It can help improve mobility in your spine giving you freedom to move and sit better within your own body. Thoracic mobility (lack thereof) is a possible contributing factor to shoulder dysfunction and lower back/hip pain. A simple test to find out where you may be limited is so sit upright on a chair, keep your hips neutral without arching your lower back, cross your hands against your chest and rotate your torso to one side. Come back to neutral and repeat for the other side. Ensure NOT to stretch/force yourself further to gain more range. Your torso can only rotate so much. The goal of that test is to help clue you into where you feel tension. When does your body want to stop you from rotating? What sensations do you feel? Which side rotates further than the other? Once done, perform a lateral bend test (seated or standing). Hips neutral and torso upright (no slumping). Lean over to one side and observe. Repeat for the other. It’s not simple to say now you can start stretching your shorter side, but it’s a great test to help you gain more awareness as to your postural habits, and work on unwinding those patterns through further inquiry and diligent self care. #themoreyouknow #thai #thaimassage #THL #thehealinglotus #massage #RMT #massagetherapist #health #manualtherapy #holistic #thaiyoga #yoga #yogi #wellness #selfcare #knowledge #rehabilitation #movement #therapy #mobilitywork

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