IG: Caving knees during squats/lunges??? * * Have you experienced your knees caving inwards when you are going down or coming up from your squats? Do you feel wobbly in your lunges? Your lateral line may need some tweaking. This drill will target the tissues that support your ankle, knee & hip therefore polishing your movement. Start the support from the ankles by getting familiar with the feeling of lifting/engaging that inner arch. That automatically gets everything else up the chain to follow suit and stablize that base stance. The abduction will get your glutes stimulated and ready for your squat/lunges. Plus, feeling that engagement prior to your leg routine will enable you to seek replication of sensation during movement thus avoiding strain on the knees. You can use this drill as a warm-up to your leg day and of course in addition to your 10min Daily CARs Routine. Try this out ?? #selfcare #functionalmovement

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