IG: Beautiful triad…?? Glute Max, Tensor Fasciae Latae & Iliotibial Band (IT band) Finished a beautiful 6k run this snowy morning. This combination of muscles are screaming right now ? but we love it in a masochistic kind of way❤️?which makes us relate to our avid group of trail running clients.?? Though not the only major muscle groups involved in running, they are important in the complete execution of this very arduous pastime. Imbalance or tightness in these muscles can cause a lot of knee, hip & low back discomfort. Combined with the core and adductor group, it’s important to ensure proper warmup and cool down are performed to ensure you maintain GOOD FORM. Aside from running being an aggressive activity on your knees, engaging in running with numerous correctable postural imbalances can expedite irritation of the knee & hip joints. Practice self care. Foam roll the glutes. Lacrosse ball the glutes. Stretch TFL. Stretch the Calf muscles. When receiving a massage, understand your therapists approach to treating all other areas aside from your knee or hip discomfort. Release Release Release!!???? #run #noexcuses #justdoit #THL #thehealinglotus #massage #selfcare #health #lifestyle #fitness #running #hills #snowday #toronto

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