IG: Be great at the basics!… * * You will find multiple variations of the same movement and this is intentional. Controlled Articular Rotations are fundamental to all joint health, as the health of the joint determines how well it moves/functions/performs. Here, I have taken the morning routine up a notch in terms of intensity, irradiating 70% of energy through my entire body. This is warm up level as well as training. It’s a very slow and controlled motion that allows you to connect intently with your cervical joints/tissues. Use this whenever you have a kink in your neck, tension in your shoulders or warming up before a workout. This has helped me release that nagging shoulder blade pain most are familiar with. When I get to a range that sticks, I contract as much into that area for about 10-15secs, release and continue through the motion. Don’t forget, breathing is fundamental through this, there should always be that intra abdominal pressure from beginning till the end. Practice small pulsed breaths as you move through the range to stay alive of course, but also to maintain form?? Try it out! #selfcare

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